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Summary: After Castiel is kicked out of the bunker by Dean, he decides to visit Crowley down in the dungeon and realizes where his true home lies.
Word Count: 3,601
Pairings: Castiel/Crowley
Characters: Castiel, Crowley
Tags: s9 spoilers (but if you read the summary it's too late anyhow), NSFW, sexual content

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 Summary: After a tough breakup, Samandriel decides to build himself a fortress from the world. This fortress just so happens to be a pillow fort. Castiel is a bit worried.
Word Count: 3,600
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Samandriel
Pairings: past Inias/Samandriel, Castiel/Dean/Samandriel
Tags: College AU, Infidelity

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Summary: Demons are after Anna; Ruby refuses to let her angel fall into the hands of any other black-eyed beast. [ Song: Mama by My Chemical Romance ]
Word Count: 2 149
Characters: Alastair, Anna Milton, Dean Winchester, Meg, Ruby
Pairings: Anna Milton/Ruby, implied Anna Milton/Dean Winchester
Tags: Canon Divergence Past 4.09, Character Death, Flashing Image, Graphic Violence

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Summary: Gabriel teaches Lucifer to love his vessel properly.
Word Count:1080
Characters: Gabriel, Lucifer, Sam Winchester
Pairings: Gabriel/Lucifer/Sam
Tags: Oral Sex
Song: The King of Carrot Flowers, Part 1 - Neutral Milk Hotel

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Summary: Anna and Jo don't exactly get along when they first meet, but eventually realize that they make a pretty good team.
Word Count: N/A
Pairings: Anna/Jo (maybe some Anna/Dean and Dean/Jo if you want to see it like that)
Tags: some violence and nudity (from the show)
Song: Only the Strong Survive -- REO Speedwagon

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Summary: Benny figures out a way to comfort Dean during the hard times in purgatory. They find their way back, hopeful that nothing will change between the two of them. But life isn't that simple in the real world.
Word Count: 1438
Characters: Benny Lafitte, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
Pairings: Benny/Dean
Tags: A wound is clearly visible in the artwork.(nothing I'd consider graphic, but worth mentioning just in case)
Song: "La vie en rose" - Louis Armstrong

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Summary: Struggling to stay one step ahead of Michael and his armies, maneuvering his way through a war he isn't sure he wants to win, Lucifer is surprised to find that one more of Heaven's angels has rebelled. He always knew Castiel was special, always knew he was different, always saw a bit of himself in that bright little star. But as time goes on, Lucifer begins to wonder whether such is a blessing or a curse, whether he is a blessing or a curse. He wouldn't wish his fate on anyone, and yet he knows he cannot escape it. The conflict leaves him torn.
Word Count: 953
Characters: Castiel, Lucifer
Pairing: Castiel/Lucifer
Tags: Implied Incest (non-explicit)
Inspired by: Imagine Dragons - "Demons"
(Please be aware that this is a graphic heavy entry. You may need to reload the page in order to view it properly.)
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Summary: Crowley and Balthazar would make great drinking buddies. ...and possibly quite a bit more.
Word Count: N/A
Pairings: Balthazar/Crowley
Tags: Contains blood (clips from the show), use of alcohol (also from the show)
Song: Get Lucky - Daughter (Daft Punk)

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Summary: Michael and Adam got out of the cage when the Angels fell but they didn’t catch up with Sam and Dean until a few months after that. Lucifer’s location is still unknown. Ezekiel is in Sam, Michael knows but he agrees that it’s the only way to heal Sam so he hasn’t forced Ezekiel to leave, Cas is still keeping away. Michael still has his wings unlike most angels but his time in the cage they are damaged and he can’t fly very far on for very long on them.
Word Count: 2,000-2,600 (including lyrics)
Pairings: Dean/Michael
Tags: Spoilers for Season 9
Song: Seether - Country Song

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 Summary:  Sam hears Crowley singing from the dungeon and indulges him with a chat. Our song is Fooling Yourself by Styx.
Word Count: 1226
Characters: Sam, Crowley 
Pairings: Crowley/Sam
Tags: None.

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